ClinicsPatients who receive genetic testing at UCSF may work with doctors, nurses, or genetic counselors in the clinics listed below, specializing in:


Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

The UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center combines basic science, clinical research, epidemiology/cancer control and patient care from throughout the University of California, San Francisco system.

UCSF’s long tradition of excellence in cancer research includes the Nobel Prize-winning work of J. Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus, who discovered cancer-causing oncogenes. Their work opened new doors for exploring genetic abnormalities that cause cancer, and formed the basis for some of the most important cancer research happening today.

Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program

The Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program is a comprehensive genetic counseling service for families with a history of cancer. It is the largest, most comprehensive genetic testing center for cancer in Northern California.

Genetic counselors assess personal and family history, provide education and counseling and, when appropriate, offer genetic testing for cancer predisposition genes. Based on family history, other cancer risk factors and genetic testing results, counselors and doctors provide an individualized risk management program for each patient, which includes recommendations for cancer screening and options for preventive measures.

Undiagnosed Diseases

Personalized Genomics Clinic

The Personalized Genomics Clinic is for patients and families undergoing specialized medical evaluation and care. We provide timely genetic testing using state-of-the-art technologies and analysis methods, such as exome sequencing, as appropriate. Exome sequencing, a new testing modality, is capable of screening many genes simultaneously.

We have several different types of appointments — for evaluation and the consent process, for results and for follow up. We offer re-interpretation of genomics data following exome sequencing sent from UCSF or other institutions.

If you are prospective patient or family member with a question or would like to request an appointment, please fill out the contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Newborn Genetics

Center for Maternal-Fetal Precision Medicine

The Center for Maternal-Fetal Precision Medicine is a trans-disciplinary program designed to improve our understanding and treatment of patients with congenital anomalies and pregnancy complications. We aim to integrate resources and talent between scientists and clinicians to accelerate research and clinical trials of fetal and neonatal interventions, create stronger bridges between basic research and clinical applications, and improve maternal, fetal, and neonatal care.

For patient referrals, information about available clinical services, or to participate in research regarding fetal abnormalities, please contact the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center by phone at 800-RX-FETUS (800.793.3887) or send us an email at