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What happens when my doctor orders genetic testing?

GMI Evaluation & Consultation

STEP 1 — Evaluation & Consultation

Genomic medicine can guide patients who are seeking more information about their health, or the health of family members.

Cancer Consent Form
Undiagnosed Diseases Consent Form

Sample Collection

STEP 2 — Sample Collection

Once a patient is identified as a candidate for genetic testing, a blood or tissue sample is obtained, prepared for analysis, and stored for future reference.

STEP 3 — Sample Preparation

Our state-of-the-art genetic labs isolate the genetic sample and prepare it for next-generation sequencing.

GMI Instrumentation

STEP 4 — Sequencing

UCSF uses cutting-edge instrumentation for the highest quality results in the shortest possible time.

GMI Pipeline Analysis

STEP 5 — Pipeline Analysis

With the laboratory portion of the genomic analysis complete, our bioinformatics team converts the raw data into a report of genetic findings.

Genomic Medicine Initiative Evaluation and Consultation

STEP 6 — Genomic Medicine Case Review

The bioinformaticians and laboratory scientists collaborate with our medical geneticists and the treating physician to discuss the patient’s genetics.

STEP 7 — Results Reported & Recorded

The result of the Genomic Medicine process is the genetic test report and this becomes part of the patient’s electronic medical record.